Can You Make a Video Game By Yourself?

Can You Make a Video Game By Yourself?

written by Cornell Ellerby

The simple answer to whether you can make a video game on your own is "yes," but there's more to it. While major video games often require teams ranging from a handful to thousands of developers, solo game developers do exist. However, these individuals typically don't handle every single aspect of development by themselves.

What Goes into Making a Game?

Developing a game involves multiple facets, including:

These skills are often developed through extensive education and practice. For a solo developer, mastering all these areas is challenging, but not impossible.

Personal Experience and Asset Utilization

In creating my game, "Suburban Rampage," I handled the project largely on my own. Recognizing my limitations in certain areas, I strategically used pre-made assets to complement my skills. This approach allowed me to focus on the aspects of game development where I excel, particularly programming.

Using assets effectively helped me manage time and resources by not needing to delve into every detail personally. For example, while I am skilled in programming, I am less experienced with creating detailed animations and sound design. By utilizing both free and paid assets, I could maintain a high standard of quality in those areas without needing to become an expert in every field of game development.

This method of leveraging assets is a practical solution for small developers or solo creators. It enables you to bring a comprehensive and polished game to life, even when you’re operating with limited resources or expertise.

Steps to Building Your Own Game


Yes, you can build a game by yourself, but be prepared to either learn many skills or use pre-made assets. Like many projects, sometimes it takes a team, or at least contributions from others, to bring your vision to life.